This is a superb little book, well-planned for self-study or use in either high school or college courses. The research that underlies the fresh, engaging presentation of etymologies is flawless; and the examples of word usage, both historical and contemporary, are succinct and delightful. If understanding one's language is a road to enlightenment, this book will enlighten many readers.
Stanley Lombardo
Professor and Chair, Classics Department University of Kansas

Vocabulary Energizers
is a rare text - both illuminating and entertaining. Interested in student understanding rather than memorization, David Popkin offers his readers lucid definitions, useful clusters of related words, witty and informative narrative etymologies, and challenging yet manageable exercises. Popkin's excellent common sense and winning sense of humor inform the book from start to finish. He seems to have had fun writing Vocabulary Energizers, and students seeking to strengthen their vocabulary are sure to have fun using it.
Harry Marten
Professor, Department of English Union College, Schenectady, New York

Vocabulary Energizers is an excellent introduction to vocabulary building. Popkin's explanations are engaging and informative. Furthermore, his stories are excellent introductions to the worlds of mythology and legend, worlds, unfortunately, that too many developmental students have never had an opportunity to explore.This text would be a worthwhile addition to any reading, writing, or literature course.
Margaret Jones
Nashville State Technical Institute in NADE (National Association for Developmental Education)


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